•Jules Nimri•

Genius inventor of combat alchemy and Rory’s estranged childhood friend. (he/him)

•Rory Navarrete•

Ex-mage, now frontman of indie band Episode Four. Jules’s estranged childhood friend. (he/him…for now)

•Max Frankel•

A mundane girl with a hole in her chest. (she/her)

•Elisha Weyland•

Grand Enchanter and Prefect of Ordo Arcanus Midwest. A renowned sharpshooter with a forbidden secret talent. (he/him)

•Leshayva Wade-Weyland•

Elisha’s perceptive and tenacious twelve-year-old daughter. (she/her)

•Fabiana Sosa•

Factionless dreamweaver. Nihilite. (she/her)

•Cyrano Almonte•

A Nameless-yet-ambitious apprentice alchemist. (he/him)

•Hunter Lockwood•

Ordo Arcanus magisterial candidate and Jules’s ex-betrothed. Cousin to Elisha and Leshayva. (he/him)