• men show patronizing and dismissive behavior toward women working in a strip club
  • a man refers to a strip club dancer (out of her earshot) as a “whore”
  • see “Degradation of a Sex Worker” below


  • a group of cis men repeatedly, deliberately misgender and deadname a trans man who is not present
  • a cis man makes a joke about a trans man using a strap-on
  • a strip club dancer is magically made to resemble a feminized and sexualized version of a trans man (who is not present) for the entertainment of a group of cis men
  • a cis man calls a strip club dancer “the bitch” and speaks of putting her “in her place,” clearly referring to the trans man she is supposed to represent

Degradation of a Sex Worker

  • a man tells a strip club dancer to shut her mouth, orders her to kneel, and handles her roughly by her hair
  • several men take turns ejaculating on a kneeling strip club dancer while she appears to dissociate
  • a man refers to a strip club dancer as “the bitch” and speaks of putting her “in her place”

Violent Sexual Assault

  • a man forcibly manually gropes and stimulates to climax another man who is begging him to stop, and shoves, pins, and threatens him when he tries to resist
  • a character’s inner experience, dissociation, shame, etc. while being sexually assaulted are graphically described


  • a character mentally disparages himself for being too “gay”
  • a man calls another man “fag” and “faggot” while sexually assaulting him and threatening his life

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