Hey y’all,

This book (besides being a fun, kickass action-fantasy epic) has central themes of processing sexual trauma and transcending heteronormative patriarchal oppression. It includes explicit scenes of harassment, misgendering, abuse, and sexual and physical assault that many readers may find upsetting.

For us, the writing of this book was an empowering transformational experience, as we hope it will be for our readers. That said, some scenes may be too overwhelming for some folks where they’re presently at in their healing journeys. If you feel you’re in that kind of sensitive place, we encourage you to use the chapter-by-chapter content warnings, make whatever choices feel right for you, and read with mindfulness and caution (or maybe not at all. We promise we won’t take it personally).

For those who do undertake the passage, we hope you’ll use this story like we did—to see and better love yourself.


Mabel & Cass ✨

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