(updated regularly)

Abram Sauvage

53, he/him. Master-General of Enforcement, Ordo Arcanus East.

Adrian Megyesi

42, he/him. Kingpin of the Philadelphia local magic crime family known as the Wyrms. Older brother of Zora.


58, he/him. Lieutenant-general serving second in command to Abram.

Ashton Grenville

18, he/him. The youngest Martial Magus in the history of the order. Combat alchemist. Fraternitas Mercurii pledge. Subordinate of Abram and child of Scipio.

Caren Navarrete

23, she/her. A factionless ratcatcher, fighting to keep head above water and fucking nasty in her spare time. Uses agimat, a rare school of amulet-based magic from the Philippines.


Ancient, it/its. Daemonic familiar of House Grenville, currently deployed by command of Scipio to surveil, discipline, and protect his one and only heir, Ashton.


34, she/her. Information broker who frequently does business in the underground magic venue hidden inside Philly karaoke bar Umami Boy.


25, he/him. Daemonologist and ex-boyfriend of Caren.

Imperia Sauvage

25, she/her. A prominent alchemist. Daughter of Abram.

Lenny Navarrete

48, he/him. A two-bit magic con man and uncle to Caren.


Age unknown, pronouns unknown. A mysterious factionless ganglord in Philadelphia.

Luke Langit

26, he/him. Estranged childhood friend, ex-boyfriend, and mentor of Caren who taught her the craft of agimat and gave her several amulets.


Age unknown, she/her. Mysterious leader of the Philly-local magic gang House of Wolves.

Polyxena Severin

39, she/her. Also known as Polyxena of the Daemon Blade. One of the famed Martial Magi and wielder of the daemonic weapon Svarog.

Scipio Grenville

57, he/him. Daemonologist and patriarch of House Grenville who is wheelchair-bound due to a fiery assassination attempt. Father of Ashton.

Soren Dreyfus-Meillassoux

36, he/him. Boss of the Philly-local magic gang known as Meillassoux’s Boys.

Sylvan Zachry

29, he/him. Herbalist and former hookup of Caren.


21, they/them. An uncannily beautiful, mysterious, and fashionable YouTuber.

Young Seung

20, he/him. A very ordinary young man.

Zora Megyesi

36, she/her. Sheltered younger sister of Adrian.