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Abram Sauvage

53, he/him. Master-General of Enforcement, Ordo Arcanus East.

Ashton Grenville

18, he/him. The youngest Martial Magus in the history of the order. Combat alchemist. Fraternitas Mercurii pledge. Subordinate of Abram.

Caren Navarrete

23, she/her. A factionless ratcatcher, fighting to keep head above water and fucking nasty in her spare time. Uses agimat, a rare school of amulet-based magic from the Philippines.

Cassiopeia Weaver

39, she/her. Also known as Cassiopeia of the Daemon Blade. One of the famed Martial Magi and wielder of the daemonic weapon Svarog.

Elisha Weyland

44, he/him. Prefect of Ordo Arcanus East.

Imperia Sauvage

25, she/her. A prominent alchemist. Daughter of Abram.

Jim Santiago

20, he/him. A mundane college kid with fucked-up memories.


Age unknown, pronouns unknown. A mysterious factionless ganglord in Philadelphia.

Luke Langit

26, he/him. Estranged childhood friend, ex-boyfriend, and mentor of Caren who taught her the craft of agimat and gave her several amulets.

Noman Kher

46, he/him. A world-famous gnostic sage, avowed pacifist, and Ordo Arcanus delegate to the Auctoritas Magicae.


21, they/them. A fashionable, highly “aesthetic” YouTuber.