NEW RELEASE: Those Who Create and Destroy CHAPTER THIRTY-EIGHT – “Writing on the Walls”

Part Two of our queer dark switchblade-and-sorcery novel, Those Who Create and Destroy, is here, with a new chapter free to read every Monday and Friday!

In today’s new chapter, “Writing on the Walls,” Jules and Cyrano chat over drinks about gender and sexuality, and Jules reacts to vandals targeting his office.

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Writing on the Walls

story by Mabel Harper & Emrys Webb
written by Emrys Webb


Jules glanced down at his left hand; spread the fingers, turned it back to front. A few scars marred the ivory flesh, pale-pink ridges where the skin hadn’t quite grown together evenly. He flexed the fingers. There was a trace of stiffness in the formerly dislocated knuckle, but the hand, as far as he could tell, was functioning well enough.

He was lucky as hell it had been his left.

“Practicing your moves, Philosopher?”

Jules glanced up at the now-familiar sight of Cyrano, his satchel slung over his shoulder, free hand in pocket, goggle-imprints comically ringing his droopy puppy-dog eyes. Nodded absently over the Apprentice’s shoulder to Durand and Nadia as they respectively gave the peace sign and saluted on their way out of Lab #1—quickly tucked his left hand in his pocket to hide the scars.

“Oh, no, wait, that would be the other hand, wouldn’t it?” said Cyrano. “I’m so stupid. Drinks?”

Jules hesitated. It had been another fruitless day in the lab, and now he only had six more before his self-imposed deadline. He’d told himself he’d stay late tonight, try to make the most of his time, but he had to acknowledge that, especially after last night, his mind and body were shot. He was shit out of ideas at the moment, and all he wanted to do was pass the fuck out and forget everything for a while.

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