Thoughts on Ash and gender (THE DREAD ECLIPSE)

Select thoughts from a Twitter thread on Ash’s gender in The Dread Eclipse. Vaguely spoilery!!!

TEXT: It hit me recently that Ash’s (despite him being technically AFAB) is a transfem narrative as much as it is a transmasc one.
TEXT: [Spoiler…sort of? Very general one.] When I think about it, if anything Ash goes from his gender being a dark insensible void onto which his dad’s self-contradictory judgments and expectations are projected to a potent conscious expression of the full spectrum of gender traits.
TEXT: I do think he remains vaguely male-ish, probably retains he/him pronouns, but tbh I’m not sure what to expect from him in the end. I have his full arc in mind in a kind of poetic sense, but in terms of concrete details characters usually tell me their deal as we go.

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