NEW RELEASE: The Dread Eclipse EPISODE NINE (Ash) – “Sonata”

We’re back with a brand-new episode of our Philly-based switchblade-and-sorcery web novel, The Dread Eclipse, with new updates published weekly on Thursdays! Enjoy the preview below, along with a link to the full episode. As always, it’s free to read.

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story by Mabel Harper & Emrys Webb
written by Emrys Webb


“Grenville. Hey, Grenville. Ash.”

It was Navarrete’s voice, low and tense, next to his ear. Her hand took hold of his, the one gripping his fork. He recoiled from the touch.

“Ash,” she said again. “Come on, put this down. Let’s go.” She pried the fork from his grasp.

“Where?” he whispered.

“The fucking drawing room. Come on, get up. We just have to get through this.”

Ash forced himself to raise his head, just in time to see the rasping what-was-left-of-a-man being dragged out of the dining room. His stomach gave a twist.

“Who is he?” he murmured, part of him at the same time really not wanting to know.

“He’s the reason two of Dreyfus-Meillassoux’s top guys are dead,” said Navarrete.

“Are they going to kill him?”

“That’d be the best thing for him at this point, don’t you think? Just…whatever happens in there, just fucking keep it together, okay?”

It floated through the background of Ash’s thoughts that he wasn’t sure if she was talking to him or herself.

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