New Release: EPISODE FOUR (Ash) – “Valentine”

This episode is a full week late, and we’re really sorry for that. It’s been a fucked-up two weeks in Mabel’s and my personal lives, and also really with just trying to keep up with day jobs and keeping-ourselves-alive shit.

The upside is that, entirely by happenstance, we’re introducing a character named Valentine on Valentine’s Day. Lol.

This one’s on the long side at almost 7,000 words. Hopefully that helps make it worth the wait. 🙂





story by Mabel Harper & Cassidy Webb
written by Cassidy Webb


As above, so below, was a precept taught to Mercurii boys on the first day of Magic Theory class: that heavenly bodies moved in lockstep with earthly ones, and invisible bonds wove together the whole of existence in a rhythmic dance. Ash remembered the day of that lesson clearly, twelve years later. He remembered the simple illustration Professor Vipond had drawn on the chalkboard depicting a scatter of five-pointed stars at the top, adjacent hexagons representing the subatomic fabric of everything at the bottom, and dozens of vertical lines connecting the two. That moment had stuck with him clearly all these years, because he remembered thinking, even at the tender age of six, that some part of the story was being left out. Some things between cosmic intention and material manifestation were demonstrably out of sync.

Like himself. Ashton Grenville didn’t belong in his own body.

He measured out the first of the premixed concoctions in a beaker—a half-pint. Portioned and added in thirteen grains of aurichalcum. Two-and-a-half pennyweights of powdered arum-lily.

Exact ratios were key. So was sequence.

You must be ever vigilant against your inborn nature.

It was Dad’s favorite admonishment. One Ash had heard so many times over the years that, in his head, it had become a silent mantra.

You must extinguish all trace of what you innately are.

Three-eighths pint of the second concoction, measured out in a second beaker, then added to the first.

The reaction gave off a pungent cloud.

Three-fourths pennyweight of adamantine. A half-dram of quicksilver.

The liquid started to bubble and froth.

“You’re certain it’s the correct formula?” came Scipio Grenville’s scar-throated voice

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