New Release: EPISODE THREE (Caren) – “Detachment”




story by Mabel Harper & Cassidy Webb
written by Cassidy Webb

Content Warning: MILD GORE

“Anak, wake up.”

Caren sat up in bed.

“Anak,” came Mom’s voice again. “Your friend Luke is here.”

At first Caren didn’t know where Mom was.

Then she spied her petite frame in front of the windows, dressed in the t-shirt and socks she always wore to sleep, bathed in blinding white light from outside. Still, smiling, staring out at something Caren couldn’t see for the brightness.

“Luke?” Caren echoed. “Where?”

Mom raised her arm and pointed out the window.

Caren got out of bed, in her oversized sweatshirt and bare feet, stumbled over, shielded her eyes, squinted into the light.

She noticed a shape in the distance, a slender shadow behind all the whiteness…which she now realized was snow, snow coming down in soft sheets, burying everything. Big bright flakes falling—soundless, except for a susurrus of static.

Caren looked back.

The house was gone, and Mom with it. Only whiteness remained, on all sides.

Facing front again, Caren saw the shape had gotten closer—was just a few yards away now, motionless as before…

Read the full episode at…

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